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About us

The company

Leirivolt – Lda was established on January 5th of 2004. It is currently a solid company in the market, made up of an experienced and dynamic team, with vast knowledge in the areas of Electrical Panels, Industrial Automation, Transformer Substations, Electric Mobility, Renewable Energies, Photovoltaics and Lithium Batteries.

All this know-how allows us to offer an excellent service to our customers in designing the best solution for different situations.

ANPC: 1110

since 2004

  1. Electrical Panels
  2. Industrial Automation
  3. Transformer Substations
  4. Electric Mobility
  5. Renewable Energy
  6. Photovoltaic
  7. Lithium Battery


Become a reference in the quality of services provided through continuous effort. Direct our efforts so that the distance between us and the customer is as short as possible. To build something that is accompanied by a top service, and thus be able to give the best response. To work daily in order to grow, externally and internally, providing everything necessary so that the goals can be achieved.

Leirivolt, Lda was distinguished by IAPMEI, by the quality of performance and risk profile, as SME Leader 2022 and SME Excelence 2021. The company would like to thank the employees, customers and suppliers who contributed to this.